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Senior Leadership Development Program
​Brief Description:   
The 5-day Senior Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is designed to enhance participants’ understanding of the competencies required for executive leaders, to provide personal feedback on their current leadership behaviors, and to provide them with frameworks and tools that they can apply on the job to enhance their leadership effectiveness. The course enhances the leader’s ability to make decisions that produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and calculating risks.

Specifically, the course objectives are to: 
     1.Present the environmental and business drivers requiring effective organizational leadership.
     2.Outline the relationship between executive leadership and strategy formulation and implementation.
     3.Provide tools to manage organizational performance and enhance business acumen.
     4.Discuss the components of personal leadership, the relationships between leaders and followers, and the participant's strengths and weaknesses as leaders.
     5.Provide participants with feedback about their own thinking preferences, their learning styles, as well as 360˚ feedback on their leadership effectiveness.
     6.Help participants address a current leadership challenge or opportunity and generate action steps to address it in order to transfer their learning back to their organization.
     7.Help participants create concrete action steps to enhance their own personal leadership and address their personal case challenge or opportunity.
     8.Provide a safe environment where participants can take risks, share ideas, insights and questions, and learn.
     9.Facilitate networking and the development of personal relationships among the participants and between the participants and teaching faculty.

The course is designed to maximize learning through interactive and highly participative pedagogies. For example, participants will have an opportunity to bring a current leadership challenge or opportunity to the program. They will work with a group of their peers in the Personal Case Workshop. In addition to this action learning component, the program will include the following learning activities: personal leadership assessments (Learning Style Questionnaire and a 360° Leadership Assessment); experiential team simulation and skill practice (Leading Teams); video case (Personal Leadership); role play and skill practice (Understanding and Effectively Harnessing Diverse Thinking Preference); lecture and discussion. All participants will receive individual, focused leadership coaching (1.5 hours) during the program and follow on coaching after the program.

Length of Course: 5-Day Seminar 
This program may be lengthened or shortened depending on the organization’s needs.

Minimum number of participants: 15 participants
Maximum number of participants: 40 participants

Support Materials: A training book will be provided containing copies of the course materials and readings. This requires use of the Office Assistant/Program Coordinator’s time.  

Additional charges will be required for the 360˚assessment. This assessment must be chosen in conjunction with the agency/organization learning objectives. Different assessments vary with regard to their price.