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Myra Koutzen

​Myra is a Trainer and Consultant with over 20 years of management experience.

She has enjoyed consulting and training with a diverse group of clients (domestic and international) over the years including: Citigroup, MasterCard ….

Myra’s exposure to working in a diverse range of companies, including a large corporate environment and a start-up company, has given her a balance of experience in both business and workforce development. She is a dynamic presenter who brings both energy and insight to the learning experience. She has the ability to engage various personality styles and empowers participants to positively effect behavioral change to reach new levels of personal and professional growth. Myra enjoys working with, and challenging, participants, especially upper level management and executives, to think beyond the current situation to enhance overall performance and increase confidence.  

Over the years, Myra has always looked for ways to enhance her facilitation skills. This has led to certifications ….

In addition, Myra is a member of the American Society for Training and Development and The Project Management Institute.

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Receive a customized program tailored to your organization.
Taught by a world-class faculty with professional business experience.
Our inspired faculty blends theory with
hands-on practice
thinking with social commitment.
Our specialists are available for coaching individuals and teams.
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