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Dennis M. Coyne​                                                 

SUMMARY:  Experienced coach, consultant and facilitator
• 10-plus years coaching senior executives to think strategically, take
   effective action, and be more resilient. Clients learn to enhance their
   leadership presence, take effective action, manage transitions, and 
   improve work/life balance.
•  Consultant to professional service firms, corporations and governmental
   agencies to develop their leaders, including the development of individual
   leadership development plans using 360 profiles and other assessments
   and instruments.
•  Facilitator of workshops to enhance personal effectiveness, enhance
   coordination among team members, and increase productivity. 

2000 – PresentCoach, Consultant and Facilitator 
Coyne Coaching and Consulting, LLC  
•  Leaders learn to be strategic, resilient and effective in their organizations. 
   Many develop individual development plans, incorporating 360 profiles and
   other assessments and instruments. Leadership presence is enhanced 
   and clients become more effective. Experience includes six years as a
   member of the coaching faculty at the annual Global Institute of 
   Leadership Development.
•  Professional service firms, corporations and governmental agencies learn
   to develop their leaders, improve team performance, and develop a
   coaching culture.
•  Workshops are designed and delivered in the U.S. and abroad on the
   subjects of resiliency, professionalism and self-mastery. 

International workshops include an October, 2009 program in Lima, Peru; and several workshops for the Civil Litigation Symposium, Attorney General – Canada, in Halifax, Canada.  

In 2009, and in prior years, Dennis convened a highly acclaimed seminar for lawyers and judges: “The Challenge in a Volatile World – To Remain Focused, Be Strategic, and Take Effective Action.” 

In 2011, Dennis sponsored a successful week-end program: “Staying Lively: Honoring Our Life Teachers”. 

With other faculty, Dennis presented a four-day leadership program at Yale University.

Today, Dennis frequently sponsors workshops on how people can better fulfill on their professional and personal commitments. He has also taught at the Minnesota Judicial College; facilitated the “Growing Your Career” courses at annual meetings of the Minnesota State Bar Association; conducted continuing legal education programs for the Hennepin County Bar Association; spoken at meetings of various professional organizations, including the Inns of Court, the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers and the Cooperative Practice Network. 

1970 – 2000Attorney at Law
Before becoming a coach, Dennis had a successful law practice, in both the public and private sectors.  
•  In 1980, Dennis was appointed to serve on the Attorney General staff of
   Minnesota, representing the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in many
   litigated matters.  
•  Prior to coming to Minnesota, Dennis served as an Assistant Attorney
   General in Pennsylvania, representing the Department of Environmental
•  Dennis entered private practice in 1988, becoming a shareholder at Hart,
   Bruner & O’Brien.  
•  In 1990, Dennis joined Fredrikson & Byron and became Chair of the
   Environmental Law Group. 
•  For years, Dennis taught law at the University St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN.

•  In 2000, certified as an Individual and Organizational Coach by the Hudson
   Institute. In 2001, served as faculty in the Hudson Institute certification
•  In 2006, certified as a Somatic Coach by the Strozzi Institute. In 2012,
   certified by the Strozzi Institute as a Master Somatic Coach. 
•  B.A. in psychology at the University of Minnesota.
•  J.D. from the Villanova University School of Law.  
•  Adjunct faculty in the Masters of Arts program in Human Development at
   St. Mary’s College, Minneapolis.

•  Featured in the Cutting Edge Law website.
•  For many years, a contributing editor for The Complete Lawyer.  
•  Recognized in Best Lawyers in America, Who’s Who in American Law, 
   Leading American Attorneys, and as a Super Lawyer.  

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