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Brief Description:      
This seminar is about managing and thriving in organizations. It is based on the premise that management success requires 
     (a) understanding how to manage organizations and 
     (b) understanding how to manage people.  
This course emphasizes the manger’s ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically. The participants focus on the development and implementation of a customer-focused strategic plan. They learn how to use important financial tools to set priorities, monitor expenditures, and administer program budgets to achieve desired results. Such topics as marketing, developing effective operations strategies, managing human resources productively, and refining leadership skills are also covered in this high-impact program. 

The seminar is customized with regard to the particular organization and to the environment and operational requirements and demands of the organization and its structure.

The first part of the seminar focuses on understanding the relationship between the organization and its environment. What are the demands that organizations face in seeking to grow and thrive? What happens when the external environment changes (i.e., due to changes in technology, governmental regulations, or customer tastes)? What are the implications of an organization’s strategy for how it is designed? How does growth affect an organization? In this part of the seminar, the participants learn about the “hardware” of organizations: structure and design.  

In the second portion of the seminar, participants learn about the “software” of organizations: culture, leadership, power and politics. What is culture, and how do you affect it? What influences the power dynamics within an organization? What role do control systems play? How do you manage change?  

The third section focuses on sharpening participants’ interpersonal skills as managers. To do this, they learn and apply frameworks on how to manage work groups, facilitate group decision-making, resolve conflict, evaluate performance and motivate effort. Our premise here is that day-to-day business success requires being able to understand and manage social interactions.  

At the end of the seminar, participants should have a deeper and more complex understanding of organizational dynamics and the essential elements of managing organizations and the people within them. Participants will leave this seminar more knowledgeable about how organizations work and how to be an effective manager.

Length of Course: 4-Day Seminar 

Minimum number of participants: 15 participants
Maximum number of participants: 40 participants

Support Materials: A training book will be provided containing copies of the course materials and readings. This requires use of the Office Assistant/Program Coordinator’s time.